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Standing United. Fruit of the Spirit: Peace

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A few years ago, I realized I was living with a divided heart.  I found that as I grew in my relationship with God, I had been living a lukewarm faith and truth be told, my heart was anchored in things of this world rather than being united with God.   This division of heart was keeping me from lavishing life-giving love to those around me because that was not what was occupying my heart.  Instead, my divided heart led to snarky and fear-based thinking which brought unrest, division, and disruption to my world.  As my heart began to rest in the Prince of Peace, I started to bring this peaceful heart to those around me.  I began to see the fruits of the Spirit at work in my words providing comfort, pointing toward God and His goodness and promises, rather than perpetuating fear, anxiety, and worry.  The peace in my heart brings hope and peace into our culture, building God’s kingdom instead of feeding the fire of despair that rampantly burns in the world today. My contentment with God brings me in harmony with others and thus helps brings peace and unity into the world.

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Got a Minute to Save a Soul?

One of the main messages from Our Lady when she appeared at Fatima was for us to understand the importance of prayer as the path of salvation for souls.  As we learned last week, it pleases God when we perform the Spiritual Acts of Mercy.

Pray, pray a great deal and make many sacrifices, for many souls go to Hell because they have no one to make sacrifices and pray for them. 

Our Lady of Fatima
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Good Friday Lord’s Passion: Action Speaks Louder than Words

So much of my life I was caught up in what people would say instead of basing reality on their behaviors.  This likely stems from having significant relationships in my life who were emotionally unavailable to me in my formative years.  This destructive coping mechanism led me into a lot of wishful thinking and living in the hopeful future.  After suffering the consequences of a failed marriage and another long-term dating relationship, I was able to see how this habit was not serving me well and was able to change my mindset to ensure that actions must match words.

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Reclaiming Peace

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Another blow.  Why can’t we catch a break?  These were my thoughts as I drove my husband to the emergency room. He had only been home from the hospital 20 days after previous admissions adding up to more than 200 days following his bone marrow transplant last year.  Sometimes it is just too much to be surrounded by all the suffering, the uncertainty life brings, and waiting in the fear of the what ifs.  The blanket of heaviness can descend upon me covering me in darkness when all I want to do is bask in the light. 

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