Our mission is to help bring souls alive, inspire hope and guide hearts to see goodness.

We are a curious community that is smitten with God’s goodness

Shining a light on truth, learning to love and to be His light


By learning to be we broaden our perspective, lift the veil of self, and create the environment to tap into the divine within us. We learn to be still and know God and create the space to feel His presence in our day to day life. We discover the truth that we are all of one creation.


Being His is understanding the truth about who we are, why we were created, and our mission during this life on earth. We stand firm in our deepest identity in the image and likeness of God. Living as beloved sons and daughters, not stuck in our brokenness. We live in truth.


God is counting on us to be His Light and current day advocates. Our lives can bring the message of hope to others. We give away the gifts we have been given to others, participating in grace. We are created for a unique purpose and bring that to our world.

“Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think”

Romans 12:2

Latest from the Goodness Blog

Day 36: Grateful for Today

Do I practice gratitude in my daily life?   It can be easy to take for granted all of the many blessings and gifts that God has given me, and focus instead on what I do not have or on negative events in my life. At times, I feel like the blind man in the Gospel,…

Day 35: Attitude of Gratitude

Have you learned the holy habit of gratitude?  Saint Francis lived with his heart wide, open to receive the ever-glowing gift of God ‘s love in every single reality – from the smile of a friend to the smell of a flower to the whisper of a refreshing breeze. His life, his words, desires, actions,…

Day 34: The Ear of the Soul

What do you hear in silence? The ideal disposition for the divine encounter is silence and alert attentiveness. The practice of interior silence gradually produces the voice in the vision and the capacity to listen. It draws the false self from its self-centeredness and allows the true self to emerge into our awareness. 


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