We exist to shine a light on God’s truth and guide ourselves and others to His goodness.

Our vision is to create a community focused on God’s promises and direct curious hearts to resources to grow into who we were created to be. 


I believe that we shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!

Focus on HIs truth, Psalm 27:13

Being grounded in this goodness shifts our perspective and allows us to own our identity in Christ.  When we are smitten with God’s goodness, the light within our hearts shines on our families, friends, those we touch daily creating a more peaceful and loving world. We learn to Be His Light. I’m Cynthia and Founder of Smitten With Goodness. I believe that we are all on a journey to get to the best version of ourselves.  A coming home of sorts to be who our creator designed us to be.  Childlike but as we pass through our years, it is easy to lose sight of this goodness.  Each one of us is uniquely designed and we bring a valuable perspective to our world.  Smitten with Goodness is about giving a voice to the goodness in our journey and hopefully providing connection. 

As we walk alongside each other as encouragers, sharing our experience, strength, and hope it shifts our perspective, provides nuggets of wisdom, allows our hearts to be encouraged.  Its important for me to be laser focused on this to bring my best self to the world.  My hope is that sharing my story and providing a platform around the topic of Goodness will be a source of inspiration and refreshment. 

Please pray for us. Know we are praying for you. Peace be with you!