Finding God's Goodness

Week Fourteen: Fortitude.  Aligned with God

Month Four: The Virtue of Fortitude. Loving Myself through eyes of Faith produces patience.

When I cling to God who is the Beloved and whom I love, I learn how to love, and I become more loving. However, my hurts and disappointments that have shaped me and taken away my innocence keep me from alignment. As I practice the virtue of fortitude, I’m given the grace to see the reality of who I am. I have the courage to go deep within and take off the blinders of how I perceive myself. I understand the dark and light sides of my being.

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Finding God's Goodness

Week Three: The Wisdom of Faith. Peace of Heart

Do you accept that the goodness that God lives within your heart? The wisdom and truth of the Holy Spirit lives inside us, constantly breathing life into us. How often are we in too big of a hurry to notice, or too exhausted and overwhelmed with the to-do list where we put what really needs to be first on the list at the end of that list? Often, I ignore the whisper within calling me to make a certain “better” live giving choice for myself. Take that walk, eat that salad, stretch your body, sit with Me.

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Guide to Goodness

We Believe. Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness

Art by Melanie Boutiette Just Beloved

In the world today, we tend to think of faithfulness in human terms.  Faithfulness is demonstrated by loyalty to our spouse, friends, duties performed, promises kept, commitments fulfilled, contracts completed, vows observed, and being true to one’s word. Although this faithfulness is certainly necessary for a successful marriage, friendships, and a virtuous life, the fruit of the spirit of faithfulness is referring to our faithfulness in Christ.

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