Guide to Goodness

Finding Life’s Meaning. The Fruit of the Spirit: Joy

Art by Melanie Boutiette Just Beloved

As we mature in our spiritual journey, we realize that it is the little things that mean the most.  When we live in a manner worthy of our call, we trust completely in the Lord’s goodness, thanking him and blessing Him, with nothing wasted.  Our call is to love and live in the spirit of love.  Our purpose is to share the love of Christ that we have received with others.  When we stand on this firm foundation, we find life’s meaning in living with a purpose. 

Today, we explore the second fruit of the Spirit, joy.  Life is going to give us trials and tribulations, but we can have joy when our life is eternally ordered.  When our eyes are fixed on pure love, we can’t help but have a grateful heart, full of joy.  God protects those who hope in Him, and His holiness provides our firm foundation, bestowing abundant mercy upon us.  With Him as our ruler and our guide, the smallest moment is not wasted.  The littlest acts of love include such things as deferring to another, or offering words of encouragement, a smile, or some hope.  Nothing is wasted. Through this purpose and meaning, our moral life as Christians is sustained, we grow in holiness or wholeness and bear good fruit.

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Guide to Goodness

Living the Path of Loving Well. Fruits of the Spirit: Love

Have you done a gut check recently on your values to make sure your time and priorities are aligned to what matters?  In the season of life I am living, I’m constantly being drawn to simplicity and love.  I believe that when everything is said and done, it’s not going to matter what possessions or experiences I had during my lifetime.  Everything will boil down to how well did I love, and love will be the measure as to how quickly my soul will pass from earth to heaven.  A review of our morals and virtues can help us to live the path of loving well.

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