Finding God's Goodness

Week Three: The Wisdom of Faith. Sign of the Cross

There is wisdom in simplicity. There is much to be learned through the cross. Through contemplating Jesus’ crucifixion, we learn the paradox of what it means to suffer and bear wickedness, and we also learn compassion, mercy, and love.

The cross in its simplicity, when I bless myself in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, reminds me to let God increase within me to grow my holiness. We begin the prayer by placing our right hand on the forehead to acknowledge the God the Father is the one whom all things originate. Next, we move down to our stomach as a sign that Jesus proceeded from the Father. Lastly, we cross ourselves from the left shoulder to right shoulder to show that the Holy Spirit proceeds from both the Father and the Son and that He is the bond of Love between the two. God will teach us if we take the time to slow down and listen.

The Spirit of God teaches us how we can live our faith with great generosity of spirit. There is a vertical dimension to our faith (praising and worshiping God), but there is also a horizontal dimension to our faith in which we show our love to our sisters and brothers, God’s beloved children.

Rev. Jude Winkler, Daily Meditations Holy Spirit

Lord, teach me the simplicity of your ways.

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