Finding God's Goodness

Week Three: The Wisdom of Faith. Peace of Heart

Do you accept that the goodness that God lives within your heart? The wisdom and truth of the Holy Spirit lives inside us, constantly breathing life into us. How often are we in too big of a hurry to notice, or too exhausted and overwhelmed with the to-do list where we put what really needs to be first on the list at the end of that list? Often, I ignore the whisper within calling me to make a certain “better” live giving choice for myself. Take that walk, eat that salad, stretch your body, sit with Me.

I used to think the harder I pushed; I would finally get there. Wherever “there” is. I know now that this was my way to control my life rather than surrender to the divine within me. I’ve learned the antidote to this is to slow down. God wants nothing more for me than to see Him and notice Him throughout my day and my life. The more I see God, the more I trust He is with me, in control. I can rest easy.

In peace I will lie down and fall asleep, for you alone Lord, make me dwell in safety.

Psalm 4:9

Lord, thank You for the gift of faith where I recognize You for who You really are and I rest in You.

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