Finding God's Goodness

The Virtue of Love. Looking for God’s Goodness and Weekly Reflection Summary

Month Three: The Virtue of Prudence. Valuing God and finding love.

Looking for God’s Goodness in contemplation and prayer.

If we do not have love, we are nothing. With all the attention, focus and thirst for love through the ages, many struggle to find it or to even understand what genuine love is. Love cannot be reduced to an emotion. Love aims at union with the beloved, it is relationship, dynamic, creative just waiting to bring new life. We find our origins in love, and it is our final destination. Our goal is to see the points of intersection with love in our daily lives. It is the moments when we listen and say yes to the will of God, breaking beyond the illusions of our desires, plans and agenda.

No one can teach us how to intuitively listen or trust, but the quiet courage to say yes rather than no is close to each of us. It involves holding our opinions and identity lightly so we can be touched by the future. It means loosening our fist-like hold on how we see the world, so that other views can reach us, expand us, deepen us, and rearrange us. Saying “yes” is the bravest way to keep leaning into life. It is our path to learning how to love.

Today, I invite you to reflect and ponder the following questions. Take them to prayer, journal a bit or share what comes up with a trusted friend.  As we begin to understand our own story of saying yes and saying no, we seek the Divine with deep spiritual maturity and wisdom. The Spirit is alive in each of us, just waiting to be tended to and loved. 

Begin to tell the story of your history with yes:  your first experience of saying yes and where it led you, your first disappointment with saying yes, your greatest reward for saying yes, and your understanding now of what it means to say yes to life. Saying yes is an embodied experience so pay attention to how your body responds as you contemplate these questions.

The Virtue of Love. Weekly Reflection Summary

Sunday –Theological Love. Did you know that there are three theological virtues: faith, hope, and charity (or love)? They inform all the moral virtues and give life to them. They infuse us with supernatural powers.

Monday – Spiritual Physics. Just as there are physical laws that govern material objects, I believe there are spiritual laws that help us live in harmony or we can be in opposition, usually unhappy.

Tuesday – Drawn to Good. Are you drawn toward the good? If not, don’t lose hope.

Wednesday – Divine Love. I have a teacher that shows me how to love. I also have a guide who is always with me that helps lead me to a divine love.

Thursday – Infused Habit. The season of Lent allows me to contemplate my habits and determine what I need to change in order turn my whole being to be closer to God.

Friday – Detachment. The great spiritual principal is detachment.

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