Finding God's Goodness

Week Ten: The Virtue of Love. Detachment

Month Three: The Virtue of Prudence. Valuing God and finding love.

The great spiritual principal is detachment. The heart of the spiritual life is to love God and to love everything else for the sake of God. As I seek to find God’s goodness day by day, there are four things I stive to love for their intrinsic value:  God, my neighbor, myself, and my body.

All this begins with the quality of my relationship with God. Do I love God as he loves me? Or do I love God with my limited understanding as my parents, my family, my community, and my world taught me to love? As I turn to God and the Holy Spirit within me, I am shown who to love, what to love and how to love. I develop sacred detachment and live another day of what matters.

We sinners fall into the trap of loving the creature and forgetting the creator. That’s when we get off the rails.

St. Augustine

Lord, thank you for the ability to live in this world and enjoy its gifts but to live with detachment.

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