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Is Goodness In Your Thanksgiving Plans?

Its been a rough year for sure with the pandemic and other social challenges we face.  As we begin our week, I invite you to focus on the true meaning of Thanksgiving.  Sure, it is nice to have a day where we overindulge in turkey, fixings, and pie until we are in a food coma but let us pause and focus on the true meaning of Thanksgiving. 

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Are You Bold Enough To Be Who You Were Meant To Be?

I have always loved The Wizard of Oz.  Once I got past the scary monkeys, the message about the power within and our desire to be home rang loud and clear.  This message still resonates with me today and keeps my perspective on what is important.  Our world is a constant encounter with information based on scarcity and fear, it takes real effort and a lot of grace to keep focused on abundance and the possibilities.  Additionally, it takes a lot of faith to truly believe God is in the middle of all this.

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