Gift of Goodness

Falling in Love with Love. Gift of the Spirit: Fear of the Lord

Fear of the Lord has always held a negative meaning for me, so I have struggled with understanding this foundational gift of the Holy Spirit.  Coming from a childhood where fear of punishment was the primary motivator to do good rather than love and respect, it is not a wonder that I have had to reframe my thinking. 

Did you know we are gifted with the ability to be head over heels in love with God?  To be smitten with the glory of God and His majesty, living in awe and wonder, and captured by everlasting love?  By design, our Creator wants nothing more for us.  But like any relationship, we must want and prioritize it, cultivate, and nurture it, and surrender ourselves to grow and mature to keep it healthy and alive.

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Be Smitten, Inspiring Goodness

Is Goodness In Your Thanksgiving Plans?

Its been a rough year for sure with the pandemic and other social challenges we face.  As we begin our week, I invite you to focus on the true meaning of Thanksgiving.  Sure, it is nice to have a day where we overindulge in turkey, fixings, and pie until we are in a food coma but let us pause and focus on the true meaning of Thanksgiving. 

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