The Truth is, I Need a Savior

Photo from Worship House Media

It is officially the Advent season, December 1 and the countdown to Christmas begins.  Like lent, Advent is a penitential season in addition to a time for hope, joy, peace and love. We prepare to enter into our need for a savior.  But first, I must feel that I need a savior.

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Be Smitten

Are You Bold Enough To Be Who You Were Meant To Be?

I have always loved The Wizard of Oz.  Once I got past the scary monkeys, the message about the power within and our desire to be home rang loud and clear.  This message still resonates with me today and keeps my perspective on what is important.  Our world is a constant encounter with information based on scarcity and fear, it takes real effort and a lot of grace to keep focused on abundance and the possibilities.  Additionally, it takes a lot of faith to truly believe God is in the middle of all this.

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