Having All We Need

Reflections for contemplative living

We live in a world where success is often judged by worldly possessions and riches. Once our greediness gets a taste, we usually want more and more and are rarely satisfied.  Our culture is addicted to comfort, distraction: bigger, better, faster.  We are drawn to the sensational.  We get a jolt, a buzz, it’s something to make us feel, to wake up and feel alive.  

If we obey God, are we rewarded with wealth?  The Christ we know in Scripture does not promise worldly success. Rather, He reveals Himself to us in the face of adversity. He promises to be with us in the Eucharist and to reward us not in wealth, but in abundant life.

Let us eagerly await God‘s presence and guidance rather than seek riches. Let us seek the kingdom of God and not the kingdom of power or wealth. Let those who struggle financially be led by God to stability, good choices, and gratitude.

Let us turn over to God, our greed and live anew in his sufficient love.

Lord, show us how to find happiness by faith, trust in gratitude, and reject false messages of material wealth. You give us all we need.

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