New Life of Hope

Reflections for contemplative living

As we live in the Easter season, we are refreshed with overwhelming hope. The hope in knowing that we are called to something greater than what we experience on this earth.  With love and humility, we bow down in gratitude in response to God’s love for us.

We saw through His Passion that God implanted Himself in the center of the world as an inexhaustible instrument of mercy, life, and health. Through this divine transformation, His divine wounds, like fountains ever gushing, remain eternally open to all the straying and fallen souls who are eager to escape from their coarse, sensual aspirations, wanting to immerse themselves anew in the joys of sacrifice and the honor of purity.

Is a new life of God’s promises drawing you near?  Are you ready to grow up and live a new life of honor and purity?

Lord, please establish Your absolute reign in my heart and the heart of all creation. 

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