Our Deepest Desires

Reflections for contemplative living

What do you desire?

This is a question that we need to ask ourselves often. Do we desire things that are drawing us towards God and his goodness or are we being distracted and drawn away from what truly matters?

We all have our lesser demons we must battle. Throughout the years, I’ve seen how my self-sufficiency and strong will get in the way of my spiritual growth and reliance on God.  How many times have I confessed this sin? It’s one thing to see this from an intellectual perspective, and another to integrate this into my being and truly hand over the reins of my life.

As I take up the cross of humility, God’s grace allows me to live in states of surrender where I’m aligned to His will rather than mine.  These are the times of pure peace and happiness.  

I just have to get out of the way, let go, and let God.   

Lord, you know the deepest desires of my heart.  Show me how to love you above everything. 

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