Humility is the Way

Reflections for contemplative living

Humility is the way to meaningful connection. We experience a wonderful transformation in our attitude each time we, with God’s help, suppress our ego and ask for God’s blessings on someone we envy, fear, worry about or simply don’t like. Any action we take out of genuine concern for someone else’s well-being will heighten our own – many times over.

Praying may be the last on our list, even an afterthought. We may get caught up in feeling like we aren’t doing it right. There is no formula for praying. Each attempt to speak to God is a prayer and one that God hears. Each loving thought we have toward someone near or far can be considered a prayer. We can pray in the midst of a crowd, at supper with family, lying in bed, or on our knees. With practice, prayer becomes easier. Through prayer, life becomes easier, too.

When I pray for someone, my attitude changes towards them. 

Thank you, Lord, for helping me look at my attitudes toward others and work on changing my part through prayer.

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