What Do You Believe?

Reflections of contemplative living

A person must believe in something in order to know anything about God.  Do you seek to understand in order to believe or do you believe in order to understand? In this Easter season, we just witnessed belief and understanding in the Passion.  

The profession of faith of the robber that was crucified with Christ is one of the most extraordinary and unlikely events recorded in history.  Can you imagine being the robber who looked at Jesus, seeing him as a criminal, condemned by His own people and the Roman authorities, dying now on a cross, reviled and mocked by all but a few helpless friends. Yet he professed his belief that Jesus was the Messiah and begged Him to remember him at the time of His glorious return to His kingdom. He could see that Jesus was not dying like a criminal and noted His silence, patience, and goodness. He heard Him address God familiarly as His Father and ask pardon for those who had crucified Him. This witness helped prepare him for the divine grace that alone could account for his sudden conversion from sinner to saint. 

Believe so that you may understand.

Thank you, Lord, for calling me to believe so I begin to understand. 

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