Learning to Love

Every human person consists of both a body and soul. Just as our body needs things to survive and grow, such as oxygen, water, food, etc., so our soul needs things as well, such as faith, hope, and love. These spiritual longings point to the truth that every human person has a natural desire for God. 

The human person is a spiritual person, and we all interiorly desire the relationship that God offers to us. In our lives and in our culture, we can find several apparent goods to try and fill the capax Dei, which is our capacity for God, oftentimes simply called the “God hole” within us. But try as we might to fill it with other things, this interior desire can only be completely fulfilled by a relationship with God. He is the vine and we are the branch.  By being bound to the vine we begin to understand the mystery of life and how to love. 

At the end of our life we shall be judged by charity.

St. John of the Cross

Thank you, Lord, for showing me the path of love. 

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