Easter Sunday:  Jesus’ Resurrection! He is Risen!

Do I recognize the miracles in my life?

As we live Authentically Yours, as God’s beloved, we are confident God’s Mercy Endures Forever: let us be His Light. As we have journeyed through Lent and an intensified Holy Week, I hope your heart is rejoicing and full of light in the fact that God’s mercy endures forever.  He is risen!  He has risen, indeed!  Alleluia!  I hope your faith has been strengthened and your heart has been lovingly pruned and purified so it is bursting with love.  Christ suffered greatly to grant us access to eternal life.  The time is now for us to mature spiritually and Be His Light in the world. 

During Lent, we clearly saw the continued impact and darkness of our sinful human nature that started in the Garden of Eden but praise God, He wins!  I pray this season you have died a little more to yourself, so He increased within you. 

He must increase; but I must decrease. John 3:30

He is counting on you and me to follow in His footsteps and show others the path to love.  In a previous post, I talked about how our actions speak louder than words.  Our actions show who we are.  Our actions reflect what resides in our heart.  The deeper we know His mercy, it gives us hope, joy, and confidence in His goodness.  

We become Smitten With Goodness and recognize the miracles in the everyday moments of our lives. 

Lord, let me light a lamp and always shine a light in the darkness of my soul. Sweep out the dust, the sleepiness, the pain, the ignored places of my heart. Help heal what needs to be healed and bring forth what needs to be seen, heard, and loved. Help give it a voice so I can hear what needs to be said. Help me to keep seeking and to not give up until I find what has been lost. Remind me that I am valued, loved, and deserving, and am worth the fight. 

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