Inspiring Goodness

God’s Mercy Endures Forever, Let Us Be His Light

Alleluia. He is Risen.

As we have journeyed through Lent and an intensified Holy Week, I hope your heart is rejoicing and full of light in the fact that God’s mercy endures forever.  He is risen.  Alleluia!  I hope your faith has been strengthened and your heart has been lovingly pruned and purified so it is bursting with love.  Christ suffered greatly to grant us access to eternal life.  The time is now for us to mature spiritually and Be His Light in the world. 

During Lent, we clearly saw the continued impact and darkness of our sinful human nature that started in the Garden of Eden but praise God, He wins!  I pray this season you have died a little more to yourself, so He increased within you. 

He must increase; but I must decrease.

Focus on His truth, John 3:30

He is counting on you and me to follow in His footsteps and show others the path to love.  In this previous post, I talked about how our actions speak louder than words.  Our actions show who we are.  Our actions reflect what resides in our heart.  The deeper we know His mercy, it gives us hope, joy and confidence in His goodness.  We become Smitten With Goodness!

As we celebrate Easter and the resurrection, we contemplate rebirth, new life, and new beginnings.  At Smitten With Goodness, we are celebrating a new brand and website!  Last November, I wasn’t sure where Smitten With Goodness was headed when I launched the community.  I was responding to God’s call to develop my voice and use my journey to inspire others.  Fulfilling God’s plan is an evolution for sure and I am grateful Smitten With Goodness has been a source of inspiration to you and provided resources to strengthen your faith relationship.  We all have our own story that lights a path for others, I hope this community inspires you to share your story with others. 

You will also notice our new purpose statement:

Be His Light

Each day and each experience we face is opportunity for life and resurrection.  We can bring light or darkness into those moments; it is a choice.   Our lives are constantly going through a cycle of order and ease when we feel like we have got it together.  Then something or someone knocks us off balance and creates disorder.  When we persevere in faith within the disorder of our lives, we can then rest in a new reordered state.  This journey becomes a divine process when we invite the Holy Spirit to take charge and guide us to Be His Light

We are all called to holiness which is a big task from our human perspective but thank goodness, it is not all up to us.  With divine support we learn what it means to love, and that love changes our world.  It is a tangible gift we can bring to ourselves and each other every single day. 

  • We must learn to Be.  This means loving ourselves, healing past hurts and strengthening our mindset so we can be the best version of ourselves. 
  • We must learn what it means to be His.   As His beloved, we find our identity in Him and grow in the gifts we have been given. 
  • We must be Light.  As we love ourselves through our identity in God, we bring our unique light into the world.  We must let our light shine in the world so that they might believe. 

God’s word, which we breathe by being His beloved, has a special ability to penetrate the human heart and conscience.  Just as the stars are vital for life to exist, the light we bring to the world is just as vital.  The world needs testimony of Holy lives.  Every story of human life is a unique way of God revealing Himself as He reveals Himself in different shapes and forms; this is how He walks with us in our circumstances.   He needs us to bring happiness, peace, love, and His hope to others in a world that is suffering from disconnection and materialism. 

We are called to Be His Light.

I am honored that you choose to spend your time with us and are part of the Smitten With Goodness community.  Please let me hear how we have helped your faith journey if you would like to share your story or are in the need of individual companionship and support.

Alleluia!  He is Risen!  Let us be Smitten With Goodness and Be His Light!


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