Drawn To What Matters

Reflections for contemplative living

As we’ve seen during our journey through Lent, it is easy for us to lose focus and be distracted by the unimportant or the urgent of what is at hand. In this Easter season, we are reminded through Christ’s Resurrection that we are constantly given opportunities for rebirth, new life, and new beginnings.  

The struggle for me is real to battle my attitude of independence and self-sufficiency that the world rewards and trade that for surrender.  Because my core wound is unworthiness, I have to resurrect my mindset often towards Jesus, asking for help in finding my true identity and worth. This is standing up for what matters and transforms my thoughts, my words, my heart, my actions, my life. 

Do You Stand Up for What Matters 

Lord, during this season of new life, my heart is filled with gratitude and humility. My heart melts at the sight of Your love for me and all you have created. 

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