Day 34: The Ear of the Soul

What do you hear in silence?

The ideal disposition for the divine encounter is silence and alert attentiveness. The practice of interior silence gradually produces the voice in the vision and the capacity to listen. It draws the false self from its self-centeredness and allows the true self to emerge into our awareness. 

This revelation is our personal awakening to Christ. The external word of Christ and the liturgy orient us and dispose us for the interior experience of Christ, to awaken what already lives within. The spiritual exercises of Lent are ordered to wake us up and draw us back to being. The awakening to the divine presence emerges from what Meister Eckhart called the ground of being, that level of being which in Christ is defined by nature, and which is divine by participation. 

We are awakened to the divine presence and we hear:  This is my beloved son… Hear him. Matthew 17:5

How well do you listen?

Thank you, Lord, for opening my ears to Your truth, calling me to be Authentically Yours. 

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