Day 33: New Way of Thinking

What new thoughts visited me? 

Our body and mind hold onto what we tell ourselves as well as how we perceive particular situations. I’m trying to expand my emotional language and self-awareness to shift my thinking. I have always been a high energy person able to accomplish a lot, but I’ve learned to train myself to sit still, and just be. 

Psalms 19 says the law of the Lord is perfect. It revives the soul. The decrees of the Lord or steadfast; they give wisdom to the simple. 

We live in a stressful world full of constant change and uncertainty. But there is a tipping point when the stress becomes overwhelming. I’m realizing now this is when I am caught off guard and my needs are not being met.

Brené Brown is giving me some different language behind these terms. Stressed as being in the weeds. Overwhelmed is being blown.  We feel stressed when we evaluate environmental demand beyond our ability to cope successfully. This includes elements of unpredictability, uncontrollability, and feeling overloaded. Overwhelmed means an extreme level of stress, and emotional, and/or cognitive intensity to the point of feeling unable to function. It’s being completely overcome or overpowered by thought or feeling.

This brings me back to the perfection of how God designed us. We are to love God and love each other. It’s as simple as that. That includes loving myself and making sure my basic needs are met. If my high energy sacrifices my well-being, I need to stop before it leads to being overwhelmed.

I like this new way of thinking.

As I desire this above everything, my life works better, and I have achieved riches beyond anything this world can provide. Authentically Yours.

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