Day 35: Attitude of Gratitude

Have you learned the holy habit of gratitude? 

Saint Francis lived with his heart wide, open to receive the ever-glowing gift of God ‘s love in every single reality – from the smile of a friend to the smell of a flower to the whisper of a refreshing breeze. His life, his words, desires, actions, and decisions became a song of thankfulness to the god of infinite goodness. Gratitude so filled his soul that it crowded out anxieties, doubts, and sorrows. 

It can do the same for you if you open your heart as Saint Francis did. It could be the first step to your own spiritual renewal. When I start feeling dry and flat, going back to the habit of gratitude renews my spirit and ignites the fire of joy within my heart. 

Where was I thankful today?

Thank you, Lord, for drawing my heart towards gratitude, realizing everything I am, I do, I have is all a gift from You.  Saint Francis pray for us! Authentically Yours. 

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