Day 13: The Gift of Faith

Reflection by Jacquelyne Rocan

Do I ask God to increase my faith each day? 

Sometimes I fail to appreciate the greatness of the gift of faith.  Faith in God has provided a sure grounding for my life — it has made the blessings sweeter and eased the pain of sufferings I have encountered.  I cannot imagine my life without faith in God.  However, as someone who was raised in a faith-filled home and continues to practice my faith, at times I take for granted how God has blessed me with the gift of faith throughout my life.  

I recently watched an interview of a woman in Ukraine who has suffered unimaginable pain this past year as a result of the Russian invasion.  She recounted to the reporter the losses and deprivations she and her family have suffered, and admitted to fear at times.  However, when questioned about her hopes for the future, she recounted how her faith in God is sustaining her and giving her hope for a better future.  She spoke simply and clearly about her faith that God would protect her and those that she loved, trusting Him with her life.  As I watched, I realized that the woman’s faith is deep and strong, providing her with a sure foundation throughout this trying time.

At that moment, I realized I need to have faith like this woman — faith that God loves me, faith that God will protect and sustain me, faith that God desires the best for me.  I pray for different intercessions each day, but am adding a prayer of gratitude, thanking God for the gift of faith that He has blessed me with and asking Him to deepen my faith and trust.  God continues to bless me with so much, including the gift of faith.  I pray for the strength to deepen my appreciation of this gift of faith each day.  

Am I grateful for the gift of faith and do I ask God for an increase in my faith each day? 

Thank you, God, for my faith.  May I never take this beautiful gift for granted.  Please deepen my faith each day so that I will continue to trust and rely upon you completely.  I love you, God.  Authentically Yours. 

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