Day 14: Willing the Good of the Other

Do I want good for other people?

Today as I was driving, there was a gentle, light rain. I barely noticed the drizzle. As I started driving faster on the freeway, the drizzle became a blur on my window and I couldn’t see without turning on my wipers. 

Sometimes I feel this is the way I live my life. Where my mind and body are 20 steps ahead of my heart. Things become a blur because of the expectations and things that need to get done in a day.  For many years, I thought I just needed to go faster, but I’m learning that I need to slow down. The spirit lives in the subtleties of life and I miss them when I’m walking ahead.  

What I’m realizing is that I’m not there for others in a present and compassionate way if I’m running ahead. I miss the opportunities the present moment presents and keeps me from seeing the needs of the people in front of me.  When I’m running, I see these things as an annoyance getting in the way of my plans and my agenda rather than seeing each moment as a gift and an opportunity to bring love and light to the world. 

As I learn to live my vocation which is to love as God loves, I must set aside my preferences for efficiency to live in connection.  This is learning to love, by willing the good of the other. 

Did I set aside my preferences and desires for the good of others?

Thank you Lord for making me walk your path today, asking me to slow down and notice where I can set aside my own comfort to be of service to others. Authentically Yours

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