Finding Our Strength 

Reflections for contemplative living

God calls us to love and serve one another joyfully and find peace in knowing that He is the strength of our heart no matter the circumstance. He is the rock on which we can rely and the never-failing refuge in any storm.

Last night I was calling to check in with a friend who has been through so much loss.  She was really angry and needed a safe place to vent without judgment. I was grateful I could serve her by listening with love and compassion. 

After the conversation, I got curious about the feelings behind anger:  let down, betrayed, disrespected. Mad, furious, jealous. Frustrated, infuriated, annoyed.  I’m working on expanding my emotional competency as there are so many layers to our emotions. 

When we are able to “feel” our emotions, we can move through to the other side towards healing. God is our strength in our time of need. If we can just find the part of our heart that trusts God, who is our rock and who provides us security, joy, and peace. We can serve each other by being the buoy during each other’s storms. This helps us hang on and know we are loved. 

Do you have a storm where you need to ask for God’s strength or for someone to help you ride the waves?

Thank you, Lord, for giving me strength and keeping me from not giving up.

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