Calming the Storms Within

Reflections for contemplative living

What storms are you facing that you wish would calm? Are there waves of situations that fill you with terror?  It’s only natural that when the trials and anxieties of life confront us the first reaction is fear. 

There is a calming force within, a divine power that is “asleep” within all of us. A divine energy which remains unaffected by the fear-storms generated by the grasping ego.

These are the spiritual dynamics of fear and trust. 

If we awaken to the presence of Christ within us, then we can withstand even the most frightening storms. Yet we live terrified because we do not have faith. It’s the human condition to have hearts that are hardened from trusting in God’s goodness.  Perhaps we are hanging on too tightly to things of this world.  This is the spiritual struggle we constantly face, holding the tension between fear and faith. As we let go and ride the waves of trust and surrender, we can sleep despite the storms we face in this earthly life.

How will you awaken the divine presence within today? I plan to be still and know God, allowing the divine within to have its way with me.

Thank you, Lord, for the strength to constantly surrender, leading me towards faith and trust in You.

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