Peace In Knowing I’m Loved

Reflections for contemplative living

My bonus daughter gave me a framed quote by CS Lewis that says “Life with God is not immunity from difficulties. But peace within difficulties.” 

The older I get, the more these wise words ring true. Through grace, my life changed once my mindset shifted to view everything I face as a spiritual battle.  The battle between attachments to this world and things eternal; the battle between my human condition and ego in conflict with my truest self and divine within.  

My daily life is the ground where the battle is fought.  I can fight against the spiritual force that is constantly drawing me near or I can rest in God and win the struggle. Nothing fulfills our longings and desires except knowing and believing we are loved by our Creator.  

How will you let divine love speak to you today?

Thank you, Lord, for showing me I’m loved.

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