Prepared for the Journey 

Reflections for contemplative living

With the season of Lent almost upon us, how will you prepare? Lent is the desert season where we turn inward and allow ourselves to be purified. Will you ask for the Lord’s direction? 

I’ve been contemplating these questions from Blessed is She and asking for guidance:

What do You want me to let go of and surrender?

What is weighing me down? 

What sins need to be purged from my life?

Are there friendships that are draining me of joy or stability? 

And what am I clinging to too tightly that I’m afraid to give to the Lord?  

What do You want me to hope for?

Where does my soul need to be buoyed? 

How does my hope need to be revived? 

What are the areas in which I’ve given up or grown bitter or numb. Ask God to redeem and restore them.

How (and who) are You inviting me to love? 

How am I being called to love and serve this year? 

Are there particular people God is asking me to be attentive to, starting with my family?

What question speaks to you today?

Thank you, Lord, for always being there as my field guide and for being available to ask for direction.

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