Renewed In You

Reflections for contemplative living

I lift my soul to you God, please fill it with joy. Teach me your way, so I may walk in your truth. I praise you with all my heart and call your name forever. Your mercy to me has been great, and you save me from the depths of hell. (Psalm 86)

You are showing me a renewed identity in you, breaking down the parts of me built on worldly ideals of wealth and prestige. You remind me of my humble beginnings, teaching me that your way is not only for the smart, beautiful, or the educated. You chose and still choose the outcast, the disabled, the dirty, and the despairing to be your children.

You choose the lowly among us to remind the powerful that You alone are God. Let us see past the surface. Let the divine in me see the divine in others.  Open my heart to live in true hospitality, as You designed.  Where all glory and honor goes to You.

What parts of your heart might you ask God to open today where distrust, self-reliance or pride might have caused it to harden? 

Thank you, Lord, for opening my heart today.

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