Mystery Being Revealed 

Reflections for contemplative living

The law of the lord is perfect. It revives the soul. (Psalm 19) Lately, I am understanding that I need healing in my relationship with authority.  It makes sense as, during most of my formative years, power or authority was used in a negative way, and I rarely had the benefit of unconditional love to shape my identity.  I’m seeing how this skewed way of thinking has played into my persona of the quiet rebel.  The one pointing within playing out in destructive patterns around eating and drinking too much without boundaries at times.  

The mystery is being revealed, and I’m learning a new way. How loving authority provides healthy boundaries. They are steadfast and give wisdom to the simple. They are right and glad in the heart and give light for me to see clearly.  They are true, and just, to be desired more than gold, and sweeter than honey, honey flowing from the comb.

What new way of thinking needs to be revealed to you today? Seek, ask, receive.

Thank you, God, for Your ever-presence to teach me a better way and bringing mystery back in my life.

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