Where Kindness and Truth Meet

Reflections for contemplative living
Art by Melanie @ Just Be-loved

The other day I was walking on campus, running late to a meeting. As I was rushing through a sea of people trying to get where they were going, I passed a gentleman who was looking at a map.  I walked by and continued a few steps ahead, and then listened to my heart. 

I turned around and walked back to the gentleman and asked if I could help him find his way.  He was clearly disoriented and trying to find the library.  I asked him to walk with me and I would show him the way. When we got to our destination, he was so grateful and gave me blessings for stopping to help him.

This is the place where kindness and truth meet. Where my heart was drawn to a person in need. My small act of kindness allowed compassion to flow between us. The divine in me met the divine in him.

Where will you notice kindness and truth meeting today?

Thank you, Lord, for always drawing me to where You want me and giving me the grace to listen and respond to the nudging of my heart. 

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