Forgotten Prayer 

 Reflections for contemplative living

I can’t pinpoint the day or describe how it happened but the gift of my vocation was eventually revealed to me.  I became painfully aware that I didn’t really know how to love and yet I was so strongly called to love. This is when I leaned in, got curious and dived deep into learning, listening, hearing, and finally understanding. 

As I learn divine love, the love I learned from the world is like bad wine.  I’m learning to be faithful to love, even when it is difficult to love. Those times are like the grapes that go through their journey to bear the fruit of fine wine. God is pushing me forward and blessings are manifest in my life. 

Even the hard times are a gift that help me learn to surrender and learn how to love. God has heard my prayers, even though they may not be on the top of my mind, God remembers them and brings them to pass for His good. 

What forgotten prayers have come to fruition for you?

Thank you, Lord, for always remembering and fulfilling Your promise to answer my prayers.

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