Finding God's Goodness

Week 52. Seeing. My Way, My Life.

Generosity is born through love.

Merry Christmas! God, as Christ, became human to help us change our mindset and to give us new life. Born humble and in complete surrender this gives us a new way to see, a new way to live life.

My passions are the precious raw material of sanctity. However, I often wonder with my self- willfulness and how I run away at times if I’m a lost cause.  

When I disconnect from God, I don’t need to despair because I’m welcomed back when I’m willing to love. It is not the wrong things I have done that keep me from God; it is the present persistence of that wrong. When I turn back to God, out of love, my heart expands.

Mortifications of the right sort perfect our human nature; the gardener cuts the green shoots from the root of the bush, not to kill the rose, but to make it bloom more beautifully.

Venerable Fulton Sheen

Christ is born in our hearts, let us bring beautiful joy to the world.

Thank you, Lord, for helping me see my way, my life

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