Finding God's Goodness

Week 51. Being Seen. Looking for God’s Goodness and Weekly Reflection Summary.

Valuing others is justice. The virtue of love grows our generosity.

Father Richard Rohr offers a practice of deepening love and healing, teaching us to rest in love a place where we are seen.

How do we come to know love so that we can live from its depths? Love cannot be understood by the mind. And if God is love, God will never be subject to the mind as we know it. God and love can only be experienced. This simple practice is an invitation to encounter love in its very physical, connective reality.

Place the palm of one of your hands on your heart. Feel your heart beating, letting its rhythm bring you into the present moment and into the awareness of God’s blessing on your life, beat after beat after beat.

Bring to your conscious mind a loved one, an ancestor, a favorite place or animal, or anything that makes you smile with undeniable, spontaneous, unconditional love and joy.

Bring that particular beloved being or thing down from your mind and place it right under your palm, in your heart space. Relax your mind and let your heart relax at the same time, feeling the sensation of blood vessels, muscles, and chest cavity opening in warmth and love for that particular loved thing. Smile.

Now humbly place a challenging person, issue, or problem directly under your palm, within your wide-open heart space. This could be someone or something currently challenging you or an old hurt from a person gone from the living world. Silently continue to smile and hold this challenging thing in the warmth of your heart.

With closed eyes, look at the thing that causes you pain, visualizing the detail that bothers you the most, all the while smiling. Consider that there may be reasons why this thing brings hurt. Smile at the fragility, suffering, or misunderstanding that makes it this way.

Finally, give the person or problem to your heart and ask that your heart’s wisdom and love take over. Rest in the Love that loves both you and the other and wants to transform all into its loving image.

Weekly Summary. Being Seen.

Sunday. Greatest Romance. Greatest Adventure. 

Monday. One Great Love. O Come Emmanuel. 

Tuesday. To Love. My Calling.

Wednesday. Being Just. It’s a Battle.

Thursday. An Excellent Thing. The Greatest Good.

Friday. Fully Seen. Love and Belonging.

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