Finding God's Goodness

Week Sixteen. Wholeness. Looking for God’s Goodness and Weekly Reflection Summary

Month Four – Loving Myself. Fortitude with Faith produces patience

Looking for God’s Goodness in contemplation and prayer through A Simple Daily Practice, adapted from Rediscovering the Lost Body Connection with Christian Spirituality.

A Simple Daily Practice…

When awakening each morning ask yourself, “What in my body now most needs my loving presence?”

This might be a dream, a feeling, a persistent body discomfort, an issue in a relationship, the health concern of a friend, etc. Notice where you most carry this in your body self. Notice the felt sense of this.

Bring a loving presence – an affectionate, caring presence – to this felt sense, nurturing it. Mindful of available time, promise to come back to it if there is sense of unfinishedness when you need to stop.

Such a practice nourishes our sense of the Larger Loving Presence within whom “we live and move and have our very existence.”

Acts 17:27-28

Wholeness. Weekly Reflection Summary.

Sunday. Holiness. God’s Mercy Endures Forever, let us be His Light. Monday. Wholeness. Coming Undone. Sometimes getting to know the whole of myself feels a little like coming undone.

Tuesday. Unstuck. Who am I? After living a lifetime, I’ve learned it’s a choice.

Wednesday. Achievement. Do you distract yourself from knowing who you really are? 

Thursday. Needing Attention. What in your life needs attention at this moment?  

Friday. One and only. Loving the one and only me, body, mind, and soul.

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