Finding God's Goodness

Week Fourteen: Fortitude. My Value

Month Four: The Virtue of Fortitude. Loving Myself through eyes of Faith produces patience.

How well do you value yourself? Be honest, do you clearly see yourself as the One who loved you first sees you? Life is an invitation to journey into the deep of this knowing. To live in the consciousness of who I am, aware of the creation gifts I bring to the world. As I practice the virtue of fortitude, I develop the strength it takes to live a wholistic life and walk the path of holiness.

Fortitude is the act of possessing my soul.  It is the ability to know who I am and walk the path of inner freedom.  It’s when I go deep within and live life most fully the way God designed it to be. It is living a life of encounter with myself and with others, a byproduct of my relationship with God.  How often do you look into your own eyes and see the face of God? Or contemplate the work of your hands – do they give a loving caress to your body, mind, and soul?  How about your thoughts and words – do they speak loving truth to your soul or whisper lies?

Turning toward God to define who I am allows me to cling to the fundamental truth of my identity. A truth that gives me a firm, steadfast foundation that steadies me during the stormy seasons of my life.  When my soul is grounded and attached to this truth, I possess my soul and I face adversity with patience, from an inner vision of mercy. I don’t hand myself over to the enemy because I value myself and know who I am. I live as God encourages me to live, more deeply, seeing myself through His eyes – I’m beloved, accepted, affirmed and worthy of salvation. I am the reflection of His face.

The Lord is my strength and my song.

Psalm 118:14

Thank You for showing me my identity and the value of every human being at its deepest level, Beloved.

1 thought on “Week Fourteen: Fortitude. My Value”

  1. This is so very powerful! The more we know, truly know this truth, the greater our freedom!
    It’s been said ,”the glory of God is man living fully alive!”

    Yes, we must know we are indeed the BELOVED!

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