Finding God's Goodness

Week Thirteen: A Life of Love. Everyday Love

Month Three: The Virtue of Prudence. Valuing God and finding love.

Life is not in the spectacular; it is in the subtle moments before us. It’s the simple and next right thing I need to do right in front of me. It is bringing love into the everyday moments of my life. 

Living in gratitude, wanting what I have, savoring and enjoying it helps me find God’s goodness in the everyday moments.  Gratitude helps leads me to everyday love.

Jesus, My God, I love You with all my heart and above all things, because You are the supreme Good and infinitely perfect Being. You have given Your life for me, a poor sinner, and in Your mercy, You have even offered Yourself as food for my soul. My God, I love You. Inflame my heart so that I love You more.

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