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Week Six: Meaning. Immersion

I’m learning about the spiritual quality of immersion. It takes effort to stay immersed until wonder reveals itself. I must constantly turn my heart to the good and stay the course in fortitude until my seeing becomes believing becomes seeing. The word immersed comes from the Latin meaning “dip in.” It means giving myself completely to an endeavor until it reveals its meaning.

When I give my full attention, I become immersed. I put in time and effort. I move beyond the external rewards, like grades, to be seen and find my own reasons for the learning and devotion. I see the effort beyond the goal that got me started, moving me to experience eternity and transformation. I become one with what I work toward. Immersed in my faith and God’s truth, beauty, and goodness, I am revealed the mysteries of what it means to live in God’s kingdom and goodness.

How beautiful is your dwelling place.

Psalm 84

Lord, thank you for calling me to immersion to grow in Your goodness.

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