Finding God's Goodness

Week Seven: Hope. Smitten with Goodness.

Many people feel that they cannot go on and pray “Lord give me the strength to continue.” Prayer opens the heaven: it gives life oxygen; it gives a breath of fresh air even in the midst of breathlessness and lets us see things from a broader perspective… Do I cultivate intimacy with God, dialogue with him, listen to his word? Among the many things we do each day, let us not neglect prayer; let us dedicate time to it, let us use short invitations to be repeated often, let us read the gospel every day. The prayer that opens the heaven.

Pope Francis Angelus January 9, 2022
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Finding God's Goodness

Week Seven: Hope. A Powerful Force.

How do I live with hope when the world seems so lost? Our lives seem so painful and senseless at times, and it all seems so pointless. When I ask this question, I’m taking action as I’m seeking and looking for an answer. Hope is almost always connected to action.

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Finding God's Goodness

Week Seven: Hope. Beautiful Hope.

We live in a culture that produces hopelessness. We can see the evidence of this in the anxiety and depression rates we have in the US. Faced with chaotic realities, where the loudest voice defines truth, where the expectation is that we can do it all and have it all, we are rarely satisfied. Seldom do we allow ourselves to rest in the presence of God.

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Finding God's Goodness

Week Seven: Hope. Perfect Gift

As spiritual beings, we are all given the spiritual gift of hope but does hope live in your heart? As I eagerly wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to be revealed, I know I have all the spiritual gifts I need. But am I open to them or better yet am I open to Him?

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Finding God's Goodness

Meaning: Looking for God’s Goodness and Weekly Reflection Summary

Looking for God’s Goodness in contemplation and prayer.

You might find goodness by reflecting on meaning and God’s timing in this Meditation Poem From Guerrillas of Grace by Ted Loder.

Grant Me Your Sense of Timing

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Finding God's Goodness

Week Six: Meaning. Savoring.

Savor is to taste and enjoy something completely. God gifted me with the word “savor” this year, inviting me to become immersed and devoted to the fullness of being and calling me to walk the path of meaning. My life, when lived from the heart, is a life of fullness, taking me to places of love, meaning, truth, and kindness. I live in the image of Christ here on this earth to serve and to love. I become true to myself, holding nothing back.

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Finding God's Goodness

Week Six: Meaning. Open.

Life doesn’t add up but opens. How can it be that I’ve lived in this world for more than fifty eight years and I’m just learning what it means to be open to life. Living a life of openness and being rather than one limited by doing. Living a life always searching and acquiring rather than in the simplicity of enough.

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Finding God's Goodness

Week Six: Meaning. Kindness

During my walk in the world, I can always be kind. Kindness is my truest nature. I have a heavy heart at times seeing our world so far from this, lacking in toleration and kindness.  I believe this is the result of us being unkind to ourselves. I’m learning that if I am not kind to myself, I don’t have the bandwidth to be kind to others. I’ve lived in the illusion that I could do this for much of my life. But as I’m walking in the clumsiness of vulnerable living, I’m seeing how I have discounted, invalidated, and sacrificed myself (not in a healthy way) as a means of survival. I see how these skills have made me a success in the world all the while losing my authentic self. As I become immersed in being kind to myself, honoring the gift of my body, paying attention to what I need in the moment and feeding my soul, I learn devotion, love and kindness.

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