Finding God's Goodness

Week Thirty-Three. Beautiful Hope. Weaver of Hope.

Month Eight – Valuing My Body. Temperance with hope leads to self-control. 

In these dog days of summer, it’s easy to get lazy. I’ve gotten spiritually lazy, gotten away from seeking Mary’s help, wisdom, and guidance. As the new covenant, Mary always shows me the way to her Son, she shows me wisdom and is a weaver of hope. 

Today is the feast of The Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Blessed Virgin Mary’s bodily Assumption into heaven makes clear to us that there is room for our humanity in heaven. Mary’s Assumption assures us that what Jesus accomplished in rising from the dead and ascending into heaven was not limited to His own Person. Even though we are not divine, we too are meant to be in heaven with the Incarnate Son, in His home with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Thus, the Blessed Mother’s birth into heaven generates in us “an ever new capacity to await God’s future” (Saint John Paul II). Just as grace does not destroy but perfects our nature, so the glory of heaven will include our whole humanity, body and soul. 

This hope and transformation of my material body with Wisdom leads me to a greater understanding of God. Because God is God, it is hard for my human mind and thoughts to understand. But my true heart understands and has a deep knowing, wisdom calls me to this place. Loving the good. Drawing me towards my mission, where anything is possible with God. I become a weaver of hope. 

She teaches moderation and prudence, righteousness and fortitude and nothing is more useful than these. Wisdom 8:7

Often we measure our lives on the basis of our income, our type of career, our degree of success and how others perceive us. Yet these are not life-giving criteria. The real question is: am I giving life? Am I ushering into history a new and renewed love that was not there before? Am I proclaiming the Gospel in my neighborhood? Am I freely serving others, the way those who preceded me did for me? What am I doing for our Church, our city, our society? Brothers and sisters, it is easy to criticize, but the Lord does not want us to be mere critics of the system… Rather, he wants us to be artisans of a new history, weavers of hope, builders of the future, peacemakers.

Pope Francis Homily ~ July 26, 2022

Thank you Lord for teaching me to be a weaver of hope today. 

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