Week Thirty-Three. Beautiful Hope. Self Mastery.

Month Eight – Valuing My Body. Temperance with hope leads to self-control. 

Resistance can open us up to deeper and more mature values. Our tendency for fleshly and sensual enjoyment can make us blind and insensitive to deeper values that spring from love. As I learn self-mastery, I grow in my love of inner truth.

I used to think, I can’t help myself, this is just the way I am. Now I know that I create myself anew—every day.  The necessity of taking responsibility for my entire life may be one of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn. Growing up with significant people in my life who taught me by example not to own my feelings, I learned early on how to cut myself off from them.  But I have accepted responsibility for myself.  I quit blaming others for my problems and habitual defects of character.

I came to accept that I’ve always had a choice on how to respond to every transgression against me. As a child, I did not feel empowered to stand up for myself, but I must take that step now or be forever stuck in the patterns of the past. This is how I learn self-mastery, living in moderation and creating space for holy moments which lead to beautiful hope. 

Holy moments empower us to give others the gift of hope, and the ability to give other people hope is profoundly beautiful. Anything that can bring hope is of infinite value. Holy moments are such a thing.

Matthew Kelly 

Thank you for helping me realize today is a clean slate. 

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