Finding God's Goodness

Week Twelve. Beloved. Looking for God’s Goodness and Weekly Reflection Summary.

Month Three: The Virtue of Prudence. Valuing God and finding love.

Looking for God’s Goodness in contemplation and prayer.

Sit quietly, Beloved.

Take four deep breaths, Beloved.

Read a few truths, Beloved, that the One who loved you first says about you:

God makes me like a jewel in a crown. (Zech. 9:16)

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Finding God's Goodness

Week Twelve: Beloved. Grateful

Month Three: The Virtue of Prudence. Valuing God and finding love.

Today’s post, Gratitude, from Melanie at Just Beloved, encourages us that gratitude is a choice found in the One who loved us first and that miracles unfold when we give God thanks no matter what comes our way.

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Acts of Goodness

Three Steps to Learn and Grow in Love

Recovering the divine image.

The true and essential work of all religion is to help us recognize and recover the divine image in everything. It is to mirror things correctly, deeply, and fully until all things know who they are. A mirror by its nature reflects impartially, equally, effortlessly, spontaneously, and endlessly. It does not produce the image, nor does it filter the image according to its perceptions or preferences. Authentic mirroring can only call forth what is already there and what is in our heart.  We are called to love and to be God’s Light.

As Pope Francis recently said, “The Lord of life wants us to be full of life, and he tells us the secret of life: we come to possess it only by giving it away.

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Pruning Hearts

Today’s post, on this second Sunday of Lent, is written by a guest contributor Melanie Boutiette.  Melanie is my sister, mother figure, and friend.  I am pleased to introduce you to her and an article from her blog Just Beloved, Words of Encouragement for you!

I love to garden. I love digging my hands in the rich soil, planting beautiful flowers, and transforming a once barren area into a beautiful bed or landscape. The whole yard is filled with a variety of flowers and plants. I especially love the front of the house. I have an English garden there that once was just an ugly plot of ground after disease destroyed all the bushes and plants. To look at my yard right now in the dead of winter, you cannot tell that I love to garden.

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