The Prayer of Letting Go

Reflections for contemplative living

For most of us, it’s hard to let go of the people we love.  We want the best for them and we’ve spent years trying to coach them. We’ve worried over their plights and relished their successes. We wonder how that can be wrong.

Our prayers for loved ones are never wrong; however, trying to control, through any means, the thinking or the actions of anyone but ourselves is wrong. Letting go means letting others, those we love and those we barely know, do what they must. Every day, we’ll have hundreds of opportunities to practice letting go. We get calls we don’t want to handle, we meet people we don’t want to know, we will face situations we are scared to address. Letting go of the people and the outcomes becomes easier over time. The more we let go, the deeper our happiness.

Letting go over and over becomes my constant prayer. 

Lord, most things that happen today will be out of my control and letting go allows me to walk the path of Your peace. 

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