Patient in the Waiting

Reflections for contemplative living

Waiting is not a part of our culture. We live in a time where we want things to happen in an instant. We must intentionally cultivate the virtue of patience.  Patience is a loving response to others and a fruit of the Spirit. 

In the habit of waiting, God gradually establishes us in a right attitude towards him.  We cannot push God around nor bargain with him.  Nor should we question why things happen to us. 

There is nothing so humbling as waiting – that is why time was created so that we might learn to wait. Waiting makes us feel inferior to the person who is keeping us waiting. We begin to see this the longer we have to wait. That is why some people cannot stand the waiting and get up and walk out. A humble heart is the basis for the Christian life and allows us to be lifted into the light.

Be patient as you wait for the Lord.

James 5:7

Lord, let me patiently and humbly walk alongside You, allowing you to lift me up.  

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