Beautiful Moments

Reflections for contemplative living

As I look back on my life, especially the most difficult and beautiful moments, I see that God was present burning within my heart, reaching out to me in my pain and in my joy. Sometimes I responded, and sometimes I turned away.

During this Easter season, I renew my promise to be a child of God, attentive to the Holy Spirit‘s presence in my daily life. I look for Christ’s face around me and notice when He knocks on the door of my heart. I listen when He reveals himself in wisdom to me, in the word, the sacraments, and my community of the faithful.

The most beautiful moments of my day are when my heart swells with love and compassion.

Lord, you were always with us, burning within our hearts. Sometimes we forget you were there, but you conquered death in order to be with us forever. All who feel your presence turn to you, confessing their faith and rejoicing in gratitude. You live and reign forever and ever.

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