Humble Love

Reflections for contemplative living

Prayer, humility, and charity towards all are essential in the Christian life: they are the path to holiness. Our quest is to learn how to love God with our whole being.  We distance ourselves from this truth and we struggle to love God in such a humble way.  This is the spiritual battle. St Brigid of Ireland provides us with how God wants us to love Him:

“Love me for who I am, without self-seeking, without thinking about what you are going to get out of it. Love me only because I am worthy of all love in heaven and on earth. Love me without ever losing trust in my goodness, my merits, or my great mercy, whatever the circumstances may be. Finally, give yourself to others. Forget about yourself with a generous self-renunciation—unobtrusively—devoid of all self-interest and with the sole objective of giving me glory. May your soul harbor no self-centeredness, but let it communicate its fire, even if it were in a hidden way, on behalf of others. This will be the positive proof that your love for me is a humble love.” 

Do I love God with a humble love?

Lord, draw me towards You in holiness teaching me to love You with a humble heart. 

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