Day 29: Striving to do Better

Reflection by Jacquelyne Rocan

Did I do one thing to improve myself today?

When I was in school, it was easy to find ways to learn and grow each day.  I was always finding new information to read and explore to improve my mind. I also had opportunities to exercise and stretch myself through physical education and sport activities.  Attending Catholic schools provided me with ways to grow spiritually through Mass attendance, daily religious education, and exposure to priests and nuns that taught in my schools.  After I graduated and began working, though, the opportunities to make myself better each day — intellectually, physically, and spiritually — were not always readily available.  It takes more initiative and effort to find opportunities and engage with them so I can continue to grow and flourish.

While it is hard when I am busy with work, family, friends, volunteer commitments, and life in general to find the time to keep learning and growing. I find that I really do need to make that extra effort if I want to continue to move forward in life.  I am God’s beautiful creation and I must take care and nurture this creation in mind, body, and spirit.  When I take the time to read a good book or take a class to learn a new language or new skill, I am expanding my mind and opening it up to new ideas and viewpoints.  When I take the time to exercise at the end of the day, even if just a walk in the neighborhood, I am releasing stress and strengthening my body.  When I learn a new prayer practice, attend a daily Mass, or participate in a Bible study, I am growing in my faith and growing closer to God.  All of these efforts show love and respect for my Creator and His creation. I offer my humble efforts to the Lord and He blesses and multiplies them in my life and in the lives of those around me.

What did I do today — intellectually, physically, spiritually — to better myself?

Thank you, God, for creating me in Your image and likeness.  May I always show love and respect to You by loving and respecting my body, mind, and spirit, and making an effort each day to grow and flourish.  Authentically Yours.

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