Day 28: The Gift of Forgiveness 

Reflection by Jacquelyne Rocan

Who did I forgive today?

For those of us that live in large cities with miles and miles of freeway, it is inevitable that we have been confronted with drivers that speed, change lanes constantly, and veer into other lanes without warning.  I often find myself angry and frustrated by near misses from other drivers (and have had a few uncharitable thoughts and words about other drivers).  I struggled with my response and how I could better react to these situations that arise on an almost daily basis.  

After prayer and reflection, I felt called to develop more patience and grace for those around me.  I realized that I do not know the situations or issues that others are going through.  Maybe the speeding driver is trying to get to a hospital to visit a seriously ill family member.  Perhaps the person who cut me off while driving is distracted due to a serious family or work situation.  And maybe the person who is changing lands frequently is trying to get to work and is concerned with the consequences of arriving late.  Since I do not have all of the information about what others are going through, I am learning not to judge and get angry, but give others grace and forgiveness in those moments (and also offer a quick prayer for their safety).  This approach helps reduce my frustration and also opens me to the truth that I have no business judging others.  Compassion is a gift we offer others and a gift we extend to ourselves.  

How have I offered forgiveness and grace to others today?  

Thank you, God, for forgiving me my trespasses.  May you grant me the courage, grace, and strength to forgive others, as You forgive me.  Authentically Yours.  

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